2017/18 Champions League Final: Three key battles in Real Madrid vs Liverpool

2017/18 Champions League Final - 3 Key Battles which could decide the outcome of Real Madrid vs Liverpool 2017/18 Champions League final
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2017/18 Champions League Final will see two of the most exciting teams in European Football go head to head for the biggest prize in Europen football. Real Madrid vs Liverpool 2018 v clash has got everyone talking with the prospect of seeing a high-quality match with attacking football on show. Such has been the goal-scoring capability of both these are more than 6 possible goal-scorers who could decide this game on their own. Apart from goal-scorers, defensive work for both these teams are highly appreciated with players like Sergio Ramos and Virgil van Dijk capable of stopping any forward line from dominating them on the field. Ahead of the highly anticipated 2017/18 Champions League Final between Real Madrid and Liverpool, we take a look at the three key battles in Real Madrid vs Liverpool clash which could end up deciding the eventual winner of this season’s Champions League crown.

Marcelo vs Mohd Salah

Needless to say Liverpool’s hopes of winning the 2017/18 Champions League Final will depend on how Mohd Salah plays in the match and one player who will be responsible to stop Salah’s heroics in the final is Real Madrid‘s left-back Marcelo. The intriguing aspect of 2017/18 Champions League Final is the manner of playing style of both Salah and Marcelo. While Marcelo loves to be in the opposing team’s box, Salah’s defensive work rate isn’t the best. On the other hand, Salah’s danger will keep Marcelo wary of venturing forward and be limited to defending Salah’s threat going forward. Real Madrid vs Liverpool 2018 final will have plenty of match winners on their ranks with Mohd Salah carrying the biggest goal-threat for Liverpool.

Toni Kroos vs Jordan Henderson

Front three for both the teams in this epic Liverpool vs Real Madrid 2018 clash is unstoppable where both teams are fully capable of scoring 3-4 goals in normal time. However, the midfield battle will see two midfield generals Toni Kroos and Jordan Henderson look to set the tempo for their teams and keep the passes flowing. While Kroos is more established in this role, Henderson’s performances this season have elevated Liverpool’s performance and has played a key role in them reaching the 2017/18 Champions League Final. Kroos vs Henderson will be a key battle in the Real Madrid vs Liverpool 2018 Champions League final where the winner of this battle could lay a strong foundation in winning the Champions League title for their side.

Cristiano Ronaldo vs Virgil Van Dijk

By all means, Cristiano Ronaldo has been the most in-form of Champions League in recent years where the former Manchester United player has won 3 of the last 4 Champions League titles and will be eyeing his 4th Champions League title for Los Blancos. Ronaldo operates from the left hand side but often finds himself in the central areas to dominate the opposition’s penalty box and that is where Liverpool’s new defensive recruit Virgil Vand Dijk will be a key in stopping Ronaldo’s goal threat. Van Dijk is easily the biggest reason for Liverpool’s new-found defensive solidity and why they have progressed to the 2017/18 Champions League Final and Van Dijk will come up against his biggest test yet in Cristiano Ronaldo who can even dominate Van Dijk in the air. Ronaldo vs Van Dijk will be a massive battle which will go a long way in deciding which team wins this year’s Champions League title.

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