PKL Auction 2018: New Rules, Final Bid Match & everything you need to know

What are the PKL 2018 auction rules you should know? Here are all the PKL 2018 auction rules you should know including PKL 2018 auction new rule
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Pro Kabaddi League 2018 is around the corner with Season 6 of India’s biggest franchise-based event set to hit the stage in October 2018. However, before the PKL Season 6 will eventually soak everyone into the excitement, the next big event for Pro Kabaddi League is the PKL Auction 2018 where 422 players will go under the hammer as all the 12 Pro Kabaddi League 2018 teams look to re-create the match-winning squad and hope to clinch the PKL 2018 title. This year’s auction will have a lot of new Pro Kabaddi Auction 2018 Rules which PKL 2018 teams have to abide by as they go into the PKL Auction 2018. One of the major PKL Auction 2018 Rules which teams and the fans will be looking forward is PKL’s “Final Bid Match” rule which will allow the teams to sign a maximum of 2 players from their last year’s squad at PKL Auction 2018.

PKL’s “Final Bid Match” rule is similar to what we saw in the IPL Auction 2018 where the IPL teams had “Right to Match” option available to them and if they wanted they could match the highest bid for their player at the auction and keep him at their club. Mumbai Indians did that with Krunal Pandya and Kieron Pollard. Similarly, all the PKL 2018 teams can do the same with all those players who were part of their squad last season.

How does PKL’s new rule Final Bid Match work?

Before we dig deeper into the new PKL Auction 2018 Rules let’s look at the most important aspect of PKL 2018 auction which is of teams retaining their elite players from last season. According to PKL Auction 2018 Rules, all the 12 PKL 2018 teams can retain a maximum of 4 players from their 2017 squad. Out of the 12 teams, U Mumba and UP Yoddha have refused to retain any player from the 2017 roaster and have sent all their players back to the PKL 2018 Auction pool. Next bit in team’s retention policy is the new PKL Auction 2018 rule of “Fial Match Bid”.

PKL officials have made it clear that all the teams retaining their full quota of 4 players will be allowed only 1 “Final Bid Match” option at the PKL Auction 2018 while any team retaining less than 3 players will be allowed 2 “Final Bid Match” options during the Pro Kabaddi Auction 2018. At the moment, plenty of PKL Season 5 superstars including Monu Goyat, Surender Nada, Fazel Atrachali, Anup Kumar and Rishank Devadiga are part of the PKL 2018 Auction Pool and will present all the PKL 2018 teams an opportunity to sign these match-winning players.

Pro Kabaddi Auction 2018 Rules you must know

– A Franchise can pick between 18-25 players to complete their team for PKL Season 6
– A team can choose a maximum of 3 players from the Future Kabaddi Heroes 2018 programme, an initiative to develop and bring through young Kabaddi players
– If a team has Retained 4 elite Players, they can exercise 1 “Final Bid Match” option in the open auction
– However, if a team has less than 4 Elite Retained Players, they can exercise 2 “Final Bid Match” options in open auction
– PKL 2018 teams can a maximum of 4 foreign players in their roster
– The total salary purse available to each Franchisee is INR 4 Crores

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