Race to Playoffs: Who could be the 4 teams to qualify for IPL Playoffs 2018?

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With 40 matches done and dusted in IPL 2018, it’s time for us to focus on the playoff round and the four teams who could be making their way to the next round. The 11th season of the Indian Premier League has probably been the most entertaining season yet with the majority of the matches going down to the wire and turning into true edge of the seat thrillers. Playoffs in IPL 2018 will have 2 eliminators and 1 qualifier prior to the big Finale. IPL Playoffs 2018 will see Qualifier 1 and Final being held at the Wankhede Stadium, while Eliminator and Qualifier 2 will be played out at the Eden Garden in Kolkata. With no team yet confirmed a place in the next round, we are set for an exciting finish to this years IPL championship. In this article, we will look at the permutation and combination the 8 teams need to keep in mind before going into the final stretch of the season. Here is our verdict regarding which 4 teams will compete for the IPL Trophy starting from Qualifier 1 on May 22nd. IPL Playoffs 2018, Playoffs in IPL

Sunrisers Hyderabad

The team to beat at the moment in IPL 2018, Sunrisers Hyderabad have been phenomenal this season and thoroughly deserve a place at the top of the points table. With 8 wins in 10 matches till now, including an ongoing 5-match winning streak, SRH just needs one more win to secure their place in IPL Playoffs 2018. However, given how dominant they have been throughout the season, one expects them to win more than 1 match out of the remaining 4 fixtures, which should in all probability guarantee them a top 2 spot on the points table and thus guarantee them a double chance of going through to the Final from the playoffs in IPL 2018.

Can SRH qualify for the playoffs? – Yes, no doubt about that, Kane Williamson’s team has been in great form recently and will make it to the playoffs with ease. However, their main aim will be to finish in the top 2 as that would give them an added advantage in the playoffs.

Remaining Matches Date
Delhi Daredevils 10th May
Chennai Super Kings 13th May
Royal Challengers Bangalore 17th May
Kolkata Knight Riders 19th May


Chennai Super Kings

Returning after a gap of 2 years, many felt MS Dhoni and his team won’t be able to repeat their performances from the first 8 years given that their squad is by far the oldest among the 8 teams. But you never write off Chennai Super Kings, the team has won 7 of its first 10 matches this season are sitting pretty in the second spot with 14 points. Out of the remaining 4 matches in the league stage, CSK need to win just 2 more to guarantee their spot in the Playoffs in IPL 2018. If CSK falters in their next match, then their encounter with CSK on 13th May could be a virtual playoff for the number 1 spot on the points table.

Can CSK qualify for the playoffs? – Yes, just like SRH, CSK have been in superb form this season and have a team which has almost every member contributing in a significant manner to the team’s plans.

Remaining Matches Date
Rajasthan Royals 11th May
Sunrisers Hyderabad 13th May
Delhi Daredevils 18th May
Kings XI Punjab 20th May


Kings XI Punjab

The Kings XI Punjab owners will be delighted with their decision to completely revamp the team for IPL 2018. Retaining just one player and creating a whole new squad seems to have given the franchise a big lift and with the kind of form of their players are in i.e Lokesh Rahul and Chris Gayle, the KXIP team 2018 genuinely believes that this could be the season that they can finally win that much first IPL Title. With 6 wins from first 10 matches, KXIP haven’t confirmed a spot in the top four but they are not far away. Having lost 3 of the last 4 matches, they have put themselves in a spot of bother and now require at least 2 if not 3 wins to guarantee a spot in the Playoffs of IPL 2018. 2 wins from their last 4 matches could leave them needing NRR to take them through.

Can KXIP qualify for the playoffs? – We are confident that KXIP will be one of the top 4 teams at the end of the league stage. Having done so well at the start of the tournament, it would be pity if they let this chance slip away, they have the players who are capable of winning matches single-handedly and have a captain who looks determined to finish the season with a success in the Final.

Remaining Matches Date
Kolkata Knight Riders 12th May
Royal Challengers Bangalore 14th May
Mumbai Indians 16th May
Chennai Super Kings 20th May


Kolkata Knight Riders

Kolkata Knight Riders have a rollercoaster of a season up until now, the 2-time IPL Champions haven’t managed 3 wins in a row till and now find themselves needing a good final run in order to go through to the IPL Playoffs 2018. Kolkata Knight Riders would need 3 wins from their last 4 matches to reach that magical figure of 16 points, which normally does guarantee aside in playoffs of IPL but given how the season is unfolding the franchise might need Net Run Rate to push them through to the next round.

Can KKR qualify for the playoffs? – Kolkata Knight Riders are a good side but their problem has been finding that consistency that is so important in a tournament like IPL. Their remaining 4 fixtures aren’t easy by any stretch of the imagination but we still expect them to scrape through by the skin of their teeth. Watch out for Mumbai Indians.

Remaining Matches Date
Mumbai Indians 9th May
Kings XI Punjab 12th May
Rajasthan Royals 15th May
Sunrisers Hyderabad 19th May


Mumbai Indians 

Haven’t we been here before with the Mumbai Indians, every second season Rohit Sharma and his team find themselves needing a near miracle to take them through to the playoffs in IPL and more often than not they manage to achieve their target. This year after winning just 1 match in their first 6 matches, they have won 3 in their last 4 including two consecutive wins in their last 2 matches and now have a real chance of pushing on for the top 4. However, doing it once doesn’t mean the second attempt will be successful too. They need 4 wins out of 4 matches which has been done but the pressure will be well and truly on them.

Can MI qualify for the playoffs? – No, although they have played well this season, something about their team composition doesn’t fit right. Apart from one or two innings, Rohit Sharma has looked off colour, so has Pollard. Even the Pandya brothers haven’t managed to recreate the magic of last season. They will surely give a real good fight in the final 4 matches but will stumble somewhere along the way, which will be the end of their hopes in all probability.

Remaining Matches Date
Kolkata Knight Riders 9th May
Rajasthan Royals 13th May
Kings XI Punjab 16th May
Delhi Daredevils 20th May


Rajasthan Royals

Just like CSK, Rajasthan Royals were also returning to the IPL after a gap of two years and prior to the start, the buzz and the excitement was around RR more than Dhoni’s team but 10 matches in, Ajinkya Rahane’s team has been a huge disappointment. Just like KKR, their problem has been consistency. They have 4 matches remaining and need to win all four of them and that to with convincing margins to up their Net Run Rate which they will require even after a miracle last week of the tournament.

Can RR qualify for the playoffs? – No, Rajasthan Royals have had just too many big name players failing for them season and they just don’t look like a side which can manage a run of 4 wins. Maybe Steve Smith returning next year to the franchise might galvanise an already talented squad. This year we do not see Rajasthan Royals reaching the Playoffs in IPL 2018, however, they might cause a bit of trouble for some of the teams on the top.

Remaining Matches Date
Chennai Super Kings 11th May
Mumbai Indians 13th May
Kolkata Knight Riders 15th May
Royal Challengers Bangalore 19th May


Royal Challengers Bangalore

What a disappointing season for Indian captain Virat Kohli, who thought that his new look side without Chris Gayle could power on his shoulders to their first ever IPL title. But since Day 1 RCB have struggled immensely, the pressure of run-scoring or let’s say match-winning is still firmly on the shoulders of the two stars of the team i.e Kohli and AB de Villiers. Their decision to let Chris Gayle go in the auction is now looking as an emotional and impulsive decision. Their challenge for the playoffs is still mathematically possible but now the script is not in their hands. They need to win all their matches and hope the other results go their way, which is a near-impossible scenario.

Can RCB qualify for the playoffs? – No, for Playoffs of IPL 2018 is out of their hands and only a miracle on many levels can push them through. Virat Kohli and RCB management will seriously now need to sit down and discuss how they plan to develop the team for the upcoming season. This much awaited 1st Title is starting to turn into a mental block for the team.

Remaining Matches Date
Delhi Daredevils 12th May
Kings XI Punjab 14th May
Sunrisers Hyderabad 17th May
Rajasthan Royals 19th May


Delhi Daredevils

The return of Gautam Gambhir seems to have hampered the team in a way which no one envisaged. After losing 5 of their first 6 matches, Gambhir decided to step down from captaincy and Shreyas Iyer took over from him. Since the change in the leadership, DD’s performance has certainly improved but is nowhere near what team with title ambitions need to be doing. This has been a forgettable season for Delhi Daredevils but next year with a couple of players returning to the squad, they should be much stronger and if Iyer can continue leading the side from the front, there is no doubt an IPL Title is not far away.

Can DD qualify for the playoffs? – No, DD’s IPL 2018 is all but over in terms of qualification to the playoffs of IPL. However, they have the remaining 4 matches to give the fringe players in the squad a chance to show their talent, which can never be bad for a team. They will also be playing some key matches from their oppositions perspective, hence the motivation to do well should be right up there.

Remaining Matches Date
Sunrisers Hyderabad 10th May
Royal Challengers Bangalore 12th May
Chennai Super Kings 18th May
Mumbai Indians 20th May


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