Breakfast with Champions, Sachin Tendulkar: “My last Test was the first time my mother came to see me play”

Breakfast With Champions Sachin Tendulkar, Sachin Tendulkar Breakfast With Champions
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Sachin Tendulkar, often regarded as the God of cricket, was known to make the world sit up and take notice during his playing days. It has been more than four years since Tendulkar retired but the Master Blaster has not lost even an iota of his ability to capture the imagination of his fans. The same was on display when Tendulkar sat down for a fun interview with famous TV personality Gaurav Kapur on the latest episode of his Youtube show ‘Breakfast with Champions Sachin Tendulkar‘.

After discussing a wide range of moments and instances from the world’s all-time leading run scorer’s career, Kapur moved on to ask Tendulkar about his 200th Test match, which was also the last Test of his storied career.

“200th Test was special in many ways” –┬áSachin Tendulkar Breakfast With Champions

Tendulkar revealed that the 200th Test match of his career at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai was the first time that he made an effort to invite all his close friends and relatives to the ground.

My mother came to see me for the first time in what was to be the last Test of my career.. That made me emotional because the rest of the guys had been there before and seen me play before. My mother was the only person who had not seen me at all.. Never, ever! Not even a friendly game,” Tendulkar said.

When asked on why she had never come for any of Sachin’s matches before, he said: “She used to be very tense. Also, I personally didn’t like anyone from the family being there in the stands. I used to tell them that even if you come, hide somewhere in the stadium and make sure that I don’t see you guys. I have to be focusing on the match on hand and not on you guys (laughs).. what you guys are doing, whether you’re enjoying or not cannot be my concern at that time. You will have to manage all that on your own as I won’t be managing anything.

“Got out for a duck the first time Anjali came to see me play” –┬áSachin Tendulkar Breakfast With Champions

Tendulkar, who scored 100 international hundreds during his 24-year-long career and is the only man to do so, also narrated an incident when Anjali Tendulkar, his wife, came to see him play for the first time.

Anjali never used to come to stadiums as she was superstitious. In Australia in 2004, rest of the wives were there and I told her to join me on tour. She was not too keen but I insisted and told her that we will hide you in the stands and nothing will go wrong.

So Anjali comes there for the Boxing Day Test match in Melbourne.. I come out to bat and Brett Lee is bowling. First ball and I edge one down on the leg-side, caught by Adam Gilchrist. And then Anjali quietly got up and left the stadium. I hadn’t seen her and none of the wives said anything to her. After that she never came until my last Test match in Mumbai.

The legendary batsman also revealed on ‘Breakfast With Champions Sachin Tendulkar’ as to how all his family members were superstitious and had their own ways of making sure that he succeeded every time he went out to bat. “At home, Anjali had a particular corner where she used to sit and watch me bat every time. Even my brother.. his phone used to be on silent and he was locked up in his room with no access to the world when I was batting. Nobody knew where he used to be at that time.

My brother used to be very tense. That’s why I even said in my retirement speech that we have travelled this journey together. So even if he wasn’t there physically, I always knew that he was there mentally with me. Always.

Breakfast With Champions Sachin Tendulkar – “The retirement speech got me emotional”

Finally, Tendulkar shed light on the moving speech which he delivered at the end of his 200th Test match. While the entire nation and everyone inside the Wankhede Stadium was teary eyed watching Sachin deliver that speech, the man himself was welling up as well.

I carried a bottle of water with me while going up to the stage for if I choked up, I could sip some water.. but I was okay actually. For me, the only time I realised that I will never walking out to play in India colours ever again was when captain MS Dhoni gathered everyone else in a corner and told me ‘Paaji aap do minute yahan pe ruko’.

That’s when I realised that boys are planning something for me and that they’re going to do something after the match. Until then, it hadn’t struck me that this is it. The end. That was also the only moment when I got really emotional and even cried a little,” Tendulkar said and signed off.

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