100 commentators in IPL 2018: Who are the top 5?

We have seen the very best of Commentators for IPL 2018, but who are the top 5 IPL 2018 Commentators, let's find out. Here is the list of top 5 IPL 2018 Commentators from the ongoing IPL 2018 season.
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IPL 2018 has been a grand success this year with Star Sports bringing an in-depth coverage of the tournament. One of the reasons why IPL 2018 is a better-televised tournament this year is because of the amazing Commentators for IPL 2018 we have witnessed for last month or so. Star Sports has elevated the IPL 2018 to a whole new level with their new segment called “Select Dugout” which features 3 IPL Commentators at once trying to break down what is going on in the game and bring an enhanced IPl commentary coverage for the viewers at home. It is one thing calling out the game as it is but to explain the viewers why is it happening and how it could have been different and what the on-field players or captains can do to improve the play has been an exceptional addition to the IPL 2018 coverage. Part of the reason has been Star Sports’ amazing work of assembling some of the finest minds for the IPL Commentators 2018 panel and bring them together for a superb coverage of IPL 2018. There are as many as 100 commentators for IPL 2018 but who is best of the best among them? We took a closer look at the top 5 Commentators for IPL 2018 and broke down the commentary style of some of those great speakers and why they are right to be regarded as the best when it comes to IPL Commentators 2018 panel. The selection has been made from the list of English IPL Commentators 2018 along with a proper breakdown of why they have made the list of top 5 Commentators for IPL 2018.

5) Dean Jones and his Red Book

Dean Jones is one of those Commentators for IPL 2018 who have stayed on for the duration of IPL 2018 and are likely to continue as the IPL 2018 season rolls on. Dean Jones is mostly seen doing the popular IPL 2018 Select Dugout show where he has forged a unique love-hate relationship with his fellow commentator Scott Styris. Dean Jones joined the IPL Commentators 2018 panel after winning the PSL title with Islamabad United and his tactical “Red Book” became an instant hit with the fans online. Star Sports followed the story to the IPL 2018 and made Dean Jones often discuss about his Red Book which at present is lost somewhere in Mumbai. Dean Jones brings the lighter side of Cricket commentary to the IPL 2018, however, his passion for the game and his opinions came to show when Dean Jones and Scott Styris were involved in a heated conversation during the Mumbai Indians vs Royal Challengers Bangalore match after Mitch McClenhagen conceded 23 runs in the last over and Dean Jones bashed the Kiwi bowler for not being a world class fast bowler as he only picks up wickets with batsmen getting caught out in the deep. Styris was there to defend his fellow countryman and the argument did go in a heated direction for a moment.

4) Kumar Sangakkara

Kumar Sangakkara is easily one of the sharpest minds in the current cricketing world and despite coming from Sri Lanka, Sangakkara has an amazing accent which people from all over the world can relate to. Kumar Sangakkara is perhaps the most pleasant speaking Sri Lankan cricketer after Arjuna Ranatunga where Sangakkara has an advantage over Mr. Ranatunga due to an almost British accent that Sangakkara carries. And when he picks up the mic and starts to discuss the game, his analysis are spot on and like most of the Select Dugout segments, Sangakkara’s inputs make you realize that viewers are ahead of the game at times. Having captained Sri Lanka in all forms of the game is an added advantage for Sangakkara as he is able to foresee the game better than others which definitely makes him one of the best IPL Commentators 2018 this season. Sangakkara’s addition to the Commentators for IPL 2018 has been a treat to listen to and we only hope that he stays on for the remaining matches of IPL 2018. Sangakkara has given a couple of masterclass segments of how to play short balls and the secrets of AB de Villiers’ 360-degree batting during the strategic timeouts giving further insights to his brilliant cricket mind.

Video: Kumar Sangakkara explains AB de Villiers and his 360-degree batting

3) Kevin Pietersen

Kevin Pietersen has been a breath of fresh air to the cricket commentary and certainly, he has been one the best Commentators for IPL 2018. Kevin Pietersen was very active in his first stint for the IPL Commentators 2018 panel and is expected to be back in the second week of May and stay until the IPL 2018 reaches its finale. Kevin Pietersen was one of the first players who truly used Big Bash League’s idea of players interacting with the commentators in the studio. There have been plenty of instances where KP has virtually read the bowler’s mind and told the commentators beforehand what he was about to do and the result was exactly that. Kevin Pietersen’s value as an able Cricket speaker increased during the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 when he was not picked by the England team and it turned out to be quite a joy for Star Sports and the cricket commentary loves to understand how a modern cricketing brain works. A lot of the IPL Commentators 2018 panelists are former cricketers with many retiring from the game in last decade or so but Kevin Pietersen much like Kumar Sangakkara was playing about a month or two back in the PSL and they know the T20 game better than any IPL Commentator 2018. That insight and ability to gauge what is about to happen in the game makes Kevin Pietersen one of the best IPL commentators for the 2018 season.

Video: The very best of Kevin Pietersen in BBL 2017/18

2). David Lloyd / Nasser Hussain

Perhaps the 2 most contrasting names you can find in the IPL Commentators 2018 panel where David Lloyd is a blockbuster superstar with a mic in his hand capable of increasing the heartbeat of any fan with his energetic commentary. On the other hand, Nasser Hussain is a calm person with an unreal understanding of the game and every time he speaks on the mic, you feel you have learned something new about the game. David Lloyd is perhaps the best IPL Commentators 2018 when it comes to closing out the innings or calling out the close finishes in the game where he always has a funny story up his sleeve and his certain user of words like “Wallooppppp” “Cracking Short”, etc. make for an exciting IPL commentary experience. Although Nasser Hussain was on IPL Commentators 2018 panel for a brief time, his segments on Select Dugout were a masterclass. His take on captaincy during the IPL matches was an eye opener where he was never shy of calling out the wrong that the on-field captain was doing and he always had an answer ready to every question of situation he faced, except when Kevin Pietersen was saying BYE BYE to him when Hussain’s IPL 2018 commentary stint was over.

Video: Sneak peak into David Lloyd’s world of commentary

1). Harsha Bhogle

Harsha Bhogle has been doing this work for past 2 decades now and when it comes to finding one the best Commentators for IPL 2018 there is no one better to suit this title than the voice of Indian Cricket, Harsha Bhogle. He has his own style where he gently puts his point forward with a smile and an attentive body language but never steps over the line while trying to prove a point. Harsha Bhogle’s recent work with Cricbuzz has made him an even better commentator as he has got to the grips of dare I say understanding how the new set of social media fans operate and think of an expert’s opinion. Harsha Bhogle has re-defined himself in last 24 months and is indeed the finest IPL Commentators that we have seen. His in-depth analysis on IPL teams and international teams always fascinates other commentators. Harsha Bhogle is equally adept at doing pre-match or post-match shows which truly makes him the best IPL Commentators 2018 as we have often seen with commentators like Murali Karthik failing miserably at conducting a post-match IPL presentation.


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