Saudi Arabia to build a mosque in the name of Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah in Mecca

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The Vice President of the local municipality in Saudi Arabia’s Mecca, Fahd Al-Rowky, announced on Monday (April 24) that he plans to give the Egyptian footballer and Liverpool star scorer, Mohamed Salah, a piece of land in Mecca, as a gesture to acknowledge and congratulate the player for winning the “Premier League Player of the Year” award, after tallying 41 goals and 13 assists in his first season with the Premier League giant, Liverpool.

As reported by Egypt Independent, the vice-president of the local municipality, Al-Rowky, told the Saudi online paper, ‘Sabq’, that several options were being considered regarding how to present the gift to Mohamed Salah. Al-Rowky said,

“There are several choices regarding giving this piece of land. The way to go will be determined by captain Mohamed Salah as well as the Saudi system. If the Saudi system allows the land to be owned by Salah, he will be given a piece of land in holy Mecca outside Haram. The other option will be to have a mosque built on the land in his name.”

He added that the third option is to sell the piece of land and give Salah the money, should the Liverpool striker wish that.

Rewarding Salah is for strengthening the support for the youth

Al-Rowky added that he was encouraged to give the 25-year-old Egyptian footballer this piece of land to show his support for the youth of the country who have potential, and who should be idolized.

Al-Rowky concluded that the move to reward Mohamed Salah is an appreciation for his commendable manners and the way he carries himself, adding that the ‘Egyptian king’ is a wonderful messenger for Islam in Britain.

Egyptian national and Liverpool forward Mohamed Salah was named the 2017/18 Premier League Player of the Year by the Professional Footballers’ Association (PFA) on Sunday (April 22) after his spectacular ongoing debut season with the Reds saw him reach 41 goals.

However, this is not the first award that Mohamed Salah has been honoured with for his exuberant football skills. Other titles under his belt include the ‘African Player of the Year’ (2017) and the ‘Top Scorer of the Five Leagues’.

What is noteworthy here, is the fact that Salah has gained even larger popularity in the football world due to his grounded demeanour and charitable acts, in addition to his footballing prowess. The world has left no stones unturned to show their love and appreciation for the Egyptian king. A Lebanese Falafel place in Liverpool announced that they would be giving out free meals for every goal Salah scores, and there are reports that this Ramadan there will be Mohamed Salah lanterns, among other things.

Salah has also been an incredible messenger of Islam as he got Reds fans chanting, “and if it’s good enough for you I’ll be Muslim too.”

Gulf countries sometimes use land as reward for distinguished footballers. Back in January, Sultan Qaboos bin Said, the ruler of Oman, awarded the national football team with cash and plots of land in appreciation for winning the Arabian Gulf Cup held in Kuwait.

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