Sachin Tendulkar birthday: 5 unbreakable records of the Master Blaster

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Sachin turns 45 on April 24, 2018

Happy Birthday Sachin Tendulkar! Sachin Tendulkar is regarded as the greatest batsman to have ever played the game. Tendulkar turns 45 today and like his playing days, even a mention of his name is enough to awe his fans and bring the nostalgia back to the entire cricketing world. Over the years, Tendulkar’s name has been reminiscent of records as the Little Master holds some of the most unbreakable records in cricket history. Since it is Sachin Tendulkar Birthday, we look back at some of the greatest achievements held by the Master Blaster.

Making his way from the Maidans of Mumbai to play international cricket at the age of 16 against Pakistan, Tendulkar has been the trendsetter for an entire generation of cricketers. Be it his first test century at Manchester vs England, or his unforgettable innings of 136 vs Pakistan at Chennai, or the classic “Desert Storm” back-to-back ODI centuries vs Australia at Sharjah or his memorable innings of 98 vs Pakistan in the 2003 World Cup, Tendulkar has given us some of our most precious memories while growing up. On eve of Sachin Tendulkar Birthday, we take a look at the 5 unbreakable records of Master Blaster.

1). Sachin Tendulkar’s record of 200 Test Matches

Playing even 100 test matches makes any player look great and his numbers are wowed for a generation to come but the Master Blaster Tendulkar’s career spanned over 23 years and played 200 test matches. On eve of Tendulkar’s birthday, we are looking at the unbreakable records held by Tendulkar and the achievement of playing 200 test matches is certainly one of them. Just to show the enormity of this record, next best on the all-time list of most test matches is 168, held by Ricky Ponting who retired before Sachin did. Among the active crop of players, Alastair Cook (154) and James Anderson (136) are the closest to Sachin’s record of 200 test matches. Both Cook and Anderson are on the verge of retirement and given the number of International cricket these days (including the IPL), we are certain the Sachin’s record of playing 200 test matches will never be broken. On that note, we would once again like to say Happy Birthday Sachin Tendulkar to our cricketing Icon.

2). Sachin Tendulkar’s record of 15921 runs

At one stage, it did look like Alastair Cook was on course to break Sachin Tendulkar’s record of most test match runs, however, the recent dip in form means that Sachin’s record of 15921 runs will never be beaten even by Virat Kohli, who is being tipped to break several of Sachin Tendulkar’s ODI records. Sachin’s career lasted for 200 test matches and it was obvious for the Master Blaster to score the number of runs he scored. Sachin’s tally of 15921 runs is followed by Cook’s total of 12028 which is almost 4000 runs shy of Sachin’s numbers. Unless Cook starts to deliver double-centuries at will in next 1-2 years, Sachin will hold this record during our lifetime. Another glorious reason to wish Happy Birthday Sachin Tendulkar to the man who literally made time stop for the Indian audience.

3). 100 International Centuries by Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar scored 49 ODI and 52 Test centuries taking his tally to 100 International centuries which is indeed of the unbreakable records held by Sachin Tendulkar. Virat Kohli is indeed getting closer to Sachin’s total of 49 ODI centuries and in all fairness, Virat is likely to snatch that record from Sachin Tendulkar, however, when it comes to scoring 100 international centuries. It is unlikely for any modern era batsman to break this particular record of the Master Blaster. Among the current crop, Virat has 56 centuries to his name, Hashim Amla has 54 international centuries to his name and that’s it, no one is anywhere near to Sachin’s record of 100 international centuries which definitely makes it one of Sachin Tendulkar’s unbreakable records in International cricket.

4). Sachin Tendulkar is the highest run-scorer in World Cup history

This another unbreakable record Sachin Tendulkar holds and we are absolutely certain on the eve of Sachin Tendulkar birthday that this record of Sachin Tendulkar will never be broken. Sachin has 2278 runs to his name in World Cup history and he played across 6 different World Cups, which in itself is a unique feat which is never going to get broken. Just to tell the enormity of this record, the next best in this list is AB de Villiers, who has 1207 runs to his name and at best, ABD has one world cup left in him which will never be enough to go even near Sachin’s record of 2278 runs in World Cup history. What a record to be visiting on Sachin Tendulkar’s Birthday which is definitely not going to be broken in our lifetime.

5). Sachin Tendulkar was dismissed 27 times in the 90’s

Having revisited some of the greatest Sachin Tendulkar records on Sachin Tendulkar’s birthday, let’s take a look at another unbreakable record of Sachin Tendulkar which, however, gave all his fans more despair than joy. Sachin made the “Nervous 90’s” a term in cricket as he was dismissed a record 27 times in international cricket. Next best on this list is another retired cricketer Michael Slater who was out in the 90’s exactly 14 times. For any batsman to get anywhere near this tally has to first get into the 90’s and then get out as well. Having revisited the unbreakable Sachin Tendulkar records, we would once again like to wish a Happy Birthday to our childhood hero, our idol and the man we all wanted to emulate during the course of our lives. When we held the bat in our little parks, stadiums, we wanted to hit that cover drive just like Sachin, we wanted to hit that perfect straight drive and we stepped out and hit the ball a long way whenever we saw any spinner bowling around the stumps. Tendulkar will forever be the biggest name the world cricket and certainly, the Indian cricket has ever witnessed.

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