IPL Live Fantasy League 2018, IPL Fantasy Cricket, IPL Fantasy App

With IPL 2018 in motion here is the best app for IPL Fantasy League 2018, IPL Fantasy Cricket, IPL Fantasy App, IPL Cricket Fantasy League, IPL T20 Fantasy and more.
Rooter Live Cricket Fantasy App


Indian Premier League (IPL) 2018 starts today and all the buzz surrounding the IPL 2018 is about the fans and how they will be consuming the tournament. With a tournament like IPL, all the focus of the fans shifts towards fantasy gaming. Today we see numerous IPL t20 fantasy apps filling up the market with IPL fantasy league 2018 being the biggest source of attraction for the live fantasy platforms. Speaking of the IPL fantasy app, fans are crying out loud for a real-time fantasy platform which keeps them engaged throughout the IPL matches and by engagement we mean to be involved in the game and create strategies, make changes and not just check scores and their ranks. On that note, Rooter brings to you the first ever IPL Fantasy Cricket game which keeps the users throughout the course of an IPL match. It was about time that there was an IPL T20 Fantasy which keeps the users engaged and entertained throughout the course of an IPL match.

What is Rooter LIVE IPL T20 Fantasy?

IPL Live Fantasy League 2018, IPL Fantasy Cricket, IPL Fantasy App

Rooter Live Fantasy is world’s first real-time dynamic and one of its kind Cricket Fantasy game for the sports enthusiasts. Unlike other IPL Fantasy Apps, users will not be asked to create their team or make their selections hours before an IPL match and then just follow the scores. In Rooter Live IPL Fantasy App you have to pick 4 players from both teams and like other IPL Fantasy Cricket apps you get points for the player’s performances on the pitch. However, unlike other IPL t20 fantasy apps, Rooter Live Fantasy lets you change the players during the match as you get 4 substitutions during the live IPL match which is helpful if your selected player get out or is no longer of use to your team.

What are the steps of joining Rooter IPL T20 Fantasy?

IPL Fantasy League

IPL Live Fantasy League 2018, IPL Fantasy Cricket, IPL Fantasy App

To enter Rooter IPL t20 fantasy app, there is an entry fee of 100 Rooter Coins and by submitting 100 Rooter coins, you enter the Rooter IPL t20 fantasy and now the next step for you is to make your selections. In the next step of Rooter IPL Live fantasy game, you pick 4 players from 2 different sets of players, Group A and Group B. All the squad players from today’s IPL match will be listed in two different groups. Players in Group A are in a good run of recent form while players in Group B are struggling to score big runs.

There will be a performance tab on the player selection page to tell the IPL fans of the recent performances of the players and how they did in the last game. Performance tab lists down the average performance of players from their last 5 games and allows the IPL fantasy league 2018 to make effective selections. Default Squad list is available for every Live Fantasy game on Rooter, however, complete playing 11 is revealed after the toss.

If you have made your selections before the toss and the team news, you are allowed unlimited substitutions until the match starts. By clicking on change players, you can change your selected players and bring new players for free until the match starts. Once the match has started and you want to substitute a player who has got out or is of no use to you, you can click on substitute tab & select the player you want to remove from your team and select a new player in his place

Rooter LIVE IPL fantasy game is played in Groups as well

IPL Live Fantasy League 2018, IPL Fantasy Cricket, IPL Fantasy App

What are Rooter Live Fantasy Groups? Rooter Live Fantasy allows you to compete in a group as well as the global leaderboard. You can create a group by clicking on “CREATE A PRIVATE GROUP” where you will need a minimum of 5 people for the group to be valid. The group code which you create is sharable via any medium possible. However, if you are not finding enough people in the group, change the group type to PUBLIC (Allow public members to join the group) to enter the Rooter live fantasy’s global competition and compete on the global leaderboard.

Rooter LIVE IPL Fantasy Point Scoring System – Batsmen

Once your team has entered the fantasy game, let us check on the different point scoring systems for this game starting with “Points for the batsmen”. A single run scored gets your team 2 points, a double run scored gives your team 4 points, if a four is hit you get 10 points and in case of a six you get 16 points, however, there is a tricky and fun part in the point system of Rooter Live IPL fantasy game. if your selected batsman faces a dot ball, you get -1 to your total and if he gets out, you get -11 in Rooter’s LIVE IPL t20 fantasy game.

Batting Instances Points Scored by the batsman
For every run scored +2
For every 4 hit +2 (Total 6 Points)
For every 6 hit +4 (Total 10 points)
For every Dot Ball -1
If he gets out Out -10 (Total -11 points)


Rooter LIVE IPL Fantasy Point Scoring System – Bowlers

If your bowler picks up a wicket, you get 50 points, if he bowls a dot ball you get 3 points, but if a bowler concedes a run it will be -1 points, if he concedes 2 runs it will be -2, if he conceded 3 runs it will be -3, if he concedes a four it will be -6 and if he conceded a six, it will be -8 to your team’s total in Rooter’s LIVE IPL t20 fantasy game.

Bowling instances Points Scored
For every run conceded -1
For every 4 conceded -2 (Total -6 points)
For every 6 conceded -4 (Total -8 points)
For a dot ball bowled +3
For picking a Wicket +50
For bowling a Wide ball -1
For bowling a No ball -1


Rooter LIVE IPL Fantasy Point Scoring System – Fielders

Whenever your player fields the ball, you get 2 points, if he takes the catch you get 12 points, For effecting a direct runout, you get 12 points. If it is not a direct runout, the throwing player gets 8 points and the fielding player who completes the run out gets 4 points for your team. Wicketkeeper gets 12 points for stumping. In case of an overthrow or misfield, you get -2 and if the player drops the catch you get -8 to your score in Rooter’s LIVE IPL T20 fantasy game.

Fielding Instances Points Scored
For taking a Catch +8
For effecting a Run-out (Thrower) +8
For effecting a Run-out (Catcher) +4
For effecting a Direct Run-out +12
For effecting a Stumping +12
For a Dropped catch -8
For every Mis-fielded -2
If the ball is Fielded by the player +2
For a Stumping Missed -6
For a Run Out Attempt +2
For Overthrow -2


Rooter LIVE IPL Fantasy Gameplay – Timeline

IPL Live Fantasy League 2018, IPL Fantasy Cricket, IPL Fantasy App IPL Live Fantasy League 2018, IPL Fantasy Cricket, IPL Fantasy App IPL Live Fantasy League 2018, IPL Fantasy Cricket, IPL Fantasy App IPL Live Fantasy League 2018, IPL Fantasy Cricket, IPL Fantasy App

ROoter live IPL fantasy game gives you a timeline to track the performances of your players in the game. Every ball faced, every run scored, every run conceded, or any instance created by your players will be listed on the Rooter LIVE fantasy game’s timeline to track the performances of your player in this IPL t20 fantasy app.

Rooter LIVE IPL Fantasy Gameplay – Powerups

At this stage, your team is set and ready now lets jump on to the best part of Rooter live fantasy IPL t20 game. Rooter live fantasy allows you to use special features on your players which we like to call as “POWERUPS”. There are 4 powerups available in this game – 2X, Boundary powerup, Freeze and Run a ball powerup. While 2X, Run a ball and the boundary powerup can be applied to your own players, the Freeze powerup can only be applied to other members of your group. Duration of each powerup is of 12 balls and you get 2 powerups of each kind during the Rooter LIVE IPL t20 fantasy game.

Rooter LIVE IPL Fantasy Gameplay – Powerups Explained

1). The 2X Powerup – It will enable you to get double the points scored by the player you have applied this power up on. If he scores a run then his  2 points will become 4, if he hits a four, his 10 points will become 20 or if he faces a dot ball his -1 point will become -2 when you have 2X powerup applied on your player in the IPL Fantasy League 2018 game on Rooter.

2). Boundary Powerup – If you have used a boundary powerup on a player and he hits a four or a six, points scored by him will be tripled if he hits a four or a six. In case of a four when you were earlier getting 10 points, you will now get 30 points and in case of 6, you will get 48 points on one ball. Rest of the scoring remains same.

3). Run-a-ball Powerup – This powerup is handy if your selected bowler is getting hammered and you need to stop the bleeding. Use this powerup and whether you bowler gives away 2 runs, 3 runs, four or a six, only -1 will be deducted from your scores.

4). Freeze Powerup – Free powerup is applied to the opponents of your group and for next 12 balls, any points scored by them in Rooter live IPL fantasy game will not be added to their total.

Rooter LIVE IPL Fantasy Ranking and Leaderboard

During the match, you can check your total scores and rank in the group and in the global standing by clicking on leaderboard tab. On the homepage, you get the ranking of your group where you can see the players selected by your group opponents. However, you cannot see the player selections of the users who are not part of your group. At the end of a game, top 2 players from every group are declared as the winners. Rooter LIVE IPL 2018 fantasy game is the next big thing in Cricket Fantasy and IPL fantasy game and you can down the app Rooter and get your hands on Rooter Live IPL fantasy game.

Rooter also provides you with the latest cricket news, latest and live cricket scores for all IPL 2018 matches, and other cricket tournaments from all around the world.


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