Watch: Cameron Bancroft ball tampering video and press conference with Steve Smith

According to latest reports, Warner showed some of the English players his technique to tamper with the ball
  • Cameron Bancroft ball tampering video becomes public and for everyone to see
  • Steve Smith and Cameron Bancroft accept ball tampering allegations in the press conference
  • Cricket Australia have condemned the issue and called it a sad day for the Australian cricket

Cameron Bancroft and Steve Smith shocked the cricket fans all over the world when the Cameron Bancroft ball tampering video became public and the Australian duo admitted to ball tempering in the ongoing 3rd test match between South Africa and Australia. Bancroft was caught tampering with the ball on a camera with a yellow tap and sandpaper and the Australian opener was then also seen hiding the evidence inside his trousers, however, until then it was too late as by then Cameron Bancroft ball tampering video was seen by everyone present in the stadium and watching on TV.

Cameron Bancroft ball tampering video

This is the official footage of Cameron Bancroft ball tampering video courtesy the Sony Pictures Network (SPN) and Sony LIV – The official broadcasters of ongoing South Africa vs Australia test series. In the official Cameron Bancroft ball tampering video, Bancroft was clearly seen using a sandpaper and later a yellow tape to rough-up the ball and gain an incorrect advantage of reverse swing.


Bancroft was immediately confronted by the umpires in Steve Smith’s presence and the duo looked more guilty than ever and it clearly seemed that the Aussies were caught red-handed merely 24 hours after Darren Lehmann (Cricket Australia coach) blamed South African crowd of misbehaving with the Aussie players, however, now it is his caiptain and player caught up in the middle of ball-tampering row leaving Cricket Australia in a very dicey situation.

Cameron Bancroft ball tampering video clearly shows that it was not an innocent mistake committed by Bancroft as he clearly knew what he was doing and after being informed by the 12th man Peter Handscomb during the over’s break and then Bancroft was also seen trying to hide the evidence after being caught red-handed on camera. It was extraordinary from Bancroft and the Aussie players to think that they would do something like thing and not get caught with over 30 cameras covering every angle of the cricket field at Newlands, Capetown. This incidence has put a huge question mark over Cricket Australia and their reputation in the cricket fraternity.


Video: Steve Smith and Cameron Bancroft Press Conference 

Soon after the end of Day 3s player, both Cameron Bancroft and Steve Smith were charged under the Ball Tampering allegations by the match officials to which both the players came out and addressed the media where they admitted to the wrong-doing. In the Cameron Bancroft press conference, Smith asked Bancroft to explain the matters and the young opener rather foolishly said that he and other players thought this was something they could do and stay within the limits of the game and not trying to cheat on the cricket field. It had everyone gasping for air at the Cameron Bancroft press conference.

Despite the admissions during the Cameron Bancroft press conference, Cameron Bancroft ball tampering video clearly shows us how the Australian players constantly threw the ball to Bancroft and the Aussie opener was working on the ball at a regular interval. Despite Smith’s continuous shifting of blames to the “Leadership Members”, we did not hear any concrete short of an apology from Bancroft or Smith but Cricket Australia was quick to condemn the issue and their CEO James Sutherland called it a sad day for Australian cricket and he expects instant ramifications.

BREAKING – News coming in from the Australian media claims that both Steve Smith and David Warner have stepped down from their duties of captain and vice-captain respectively with Tim Paine now give the duty of captaining the side in the remainder of this series with future of Smith and Bancroft still hanging in the balance.

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