India U19, KKR star Shivam Mavi: Ultimate aim to play for India

India U19, KKR star Shivam Mavi: Ultimate aim to play for India
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India U19 star, Shivam Mavi, who entered limelight after his excellent performance in the U19 World Cup, was later bagged at the IPL 2018 auction by the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) for INR 3 crore. Although Mavi is all-set to witness the grand cricketing extravaganza, IPL, for the first time, the pacer has revealed that his ultimate goal is to play for the Indian cricket team.

Shivam Mavi displayed a resilient attitude and excellent cricket, as his lethal fast bowling got him nine wickets in the U19 World Cup event in New Zealand. Presently, the KKR new signing for IPL 2018 is in Mumbai to play in the DY Patil T20 Cup for ONGC side.

Shivam Mavi wants to excel for KKR in IPL 2018, in order to get selected for India

Speaking ahead of his first-ever IPL campaign, Shivam Mavi told Mid-Day on Sunday (25 Feb.),

“IPL will be a good challenge, because now people will be expecting more since I bowled well in the U19 World Cup. But my ultimate target is to play at the top level and represent India.”

“I know if I perform well on this stage [IPL], it will help me get to the next level. Selectors watch IPL, so I will try my best.”

Shivam Mavi indeed has that spark that is found in a star cricketer for Team India. The pacer’s belief is that if he is prepared well, he will have to face no pressure while performing in big matches. Acknowledging the approach taken by the U19 team in the U19 World Cup, Mavi said,

“I’ve observed that if I prepare well, I am able to perform without any pressure. It worked for our team during the U19 World Cup too. To reach the next level, a player needs to go through a good learning process than just hard work. Knowing how to bowl to a particular batsman or which ball should be avoided makes a big difference. The quicker you learn, the better the results.”

Mavi’s key to wicket-taking performances: Fitness

Shivam Mavi has not played any first-class cricket yet, but is hopeful of good results for when he features for Uttar Pradesh in the upcoming season of domestic cricket. The KKR signing for IPL 2018 also added that one should have great fitness to be able to take wickets, and that is what the U19 cricketer had been doing since the past one year. He said,

“I have not played a first-class match yet [for Uttar Pradesh], so the forthcoming domestic season will be an important one. Whatever matches I play, I will try and find aspects that are crucial to take wickets. One should have good fitness to take wickets. I have worked on my fitness a lot for the last one year and it has helped me increase my pace. I will continue giving the same importance to fitness.”

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