After Ashwin Gibbs Twitter spat, we look at 5 verbal wars between cricketers

Ashwin-Gibbs Twitter spat: We look at 5 verbal wars between cricketers
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Over the years, Twitter has often turned into a battleground for verbal wars of words with popular sports personalities taking humorous and mean digs at each other. One such spat which took place very recently, was the Ashwin Gibbs Twitter spat, which displayed to the world how a small joke is escalated to something which always comes back to haunt these men. On that note, we look at 5 instances when cricketers engaged in a dog-fight of sorts on Twitter.

Akash Chopra vs Moeen Ali

In England’s tour of India in 2016/2017, Moeen Ali was in tremendous form, scoring 380 runs in the 5 match test series, including two brilliant hundreds. The whole season had been great for the English international, who had by then smashed 4 hundred in 2016. However, his excellent performances still didn’t stop experts to find chinks in his armour. Former Indian opener Akash Chopra was one particular pundit who analysed Ali’s tendency to get out on short deliveries and suggested that the all-rounder needed to work on it. He soon took to Twitter and posted a link of his article with the tweet, “You just can’t hit your way out of a bouncer-trap. #Demo of lessons from the Moeen Ali dismissal for @ESPNcricinfo.”

What followed was an ugly spat between the 30-year-old and the retired cricketer, which included Ali posting Chopra’s test career statistics along with the message, “@cricketaakash @ESPNcricinfo Thanks for your opinion mate.” However Akash Chopra dealt with the situation in a calm and composed manner, which led to Moeen Ali realising his mistake and apologizing for tweet earlier. Following the acceptance of the apology by the cricket expert, Ali went on to delete the complete thread.

Kevin Pietersen vs Mitchell Johnson

After the 1st test match in the 2017-2018 Ashes test series, two of the most combative cricketers of all time, Mitchell Johnson and Kevin Pietersen engaged in a twitter battle, after Australia destroyed the English bowling attack and secured a comprehensive win. The battle between these two hot-heads of their time, ended only once Johnson posted a screenshot of Pietersen’s account, showing that the 37-year-old had blocked the former Australian pacer on the social media platform.

Aakash Chopra vs Vinod Kambli

In the test series prior to the ongoing tour of South Africa, Akash Chopra Appreciated Kohli and the team management to promote Ajinkya Rahane to the number 3 spot, in order to allow him to find some form before the crucial foreign tour.

However, Chopra’s tweet regarding the same led to a bit of a twitter spat with former Indian opener Vinod Kambli, who was quick to question Chopra on how he thinks Rahane will get runs? The Twitter spat between the two former cricketers was thus born.

When the former Delhi batsman ignored Kambli’s tweet, the 46-year-old tweeted to ask the commentator to reply to his question.

In a short time, Chopra did choose to reply but made it clear that the matter needed to be discussed over the phone and not a public platform.

Ashwin Gibbs Twitter spat

Ashwin Gibbs twitter spat is the most recent incident on this list, and one which has caught the eye of the whole cricketing world. India’s numero uno test bowler Ravi Ashwin recently posted a promotional tweet about new Nike running shoes, and in reply former South African cricketer Herschelle Gibbs taunted the off-spinner saying that he his hoping the Indian cricketer will ‘run a bit faster now’ with those shoes on him, giving way for a Twitter spat.

Very clearly Ashwin wasn’t on the same wavelength and took the comment far too seriously as his reply reminded the opener of a match fixing scandal that he was part of in 2000. The 31-year-old wrote, “Surely not as fast you did mate, unfortunately I wasn’t as blessed as you were. But I was blessed with a wonderfully ethical mind not to fix games which put food on my plate.”

Gibbs was very evidently taken aback by Ashwin cutting reply and decided to douse the fire in the best way possible as he tweeted back saying, “Can’t take a joke I see. Anyway moving swiftly on.” Ashwin, however, soon realised his mistake as fans started trolling him for his behaviours, he soon clarified his comments and wrote, “What’s sensitive to me isn’t to someone else, and what’s sensitive to you isn’t to me.”

Ashwin is currently not part the Indian limited over side which recently won the ODI series 5-1 and is now leading the T20 series 1-0.

S Sreesanth vs Aakash Chopra

Former Indian fast bowler S Sreesanth has been on the periphery of professional cricket ever since he was arrested for his alleged involvement in spot fixing in 2013. Even though he was cleared of all charges in 2015, the 35-year-old is still struggling to get back into the game. Akash Chopra who has already made 2 appearances on the list, took to the social media to express his opinion about Sreesanth’s wish to get back on the field.

The whole twitter spat started after the fan asked Chopra if Sreesanth should be given a chance to comeback to cricket, and the former player replied with a polite ‘no’. Following this conversation thread, Sreesanth took to twitter to express his feelings and make it clear that he was hurt by the cricketer turned commentator. He tweeted soon after,”@cricketaakash how can u be so 2 faced?? Bro?? Ashamed to even call u that ..really sad to know (what have u replied?? Really..I will play.”

In a few minutes, Chopra shot back with a reply, “Not two-faced. That’s my opinion and I stand by it. Never told anyone anything else. I would have the same opinion for my own brother.”

The former pacer wasn’t impressed with Chopra’s reply and tweeted back, “@cricketaakash I hope ur comments about desh drohi…..etc,also includes the other 13 people who was charged Nd the unopened envelope..”

Chopra replied soon after, saying,”I didn’t use the word ‘desh drohi’ but yes, my opinion on this issue isn’t subjective. One rule for everyone.”

The Twitter spat carried on for some more time, which included continues mud slingling but what was most shocking was that the twitter started with a simple ‘NO’.

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