IPL 2018: Jos Buttler says T20 will be the only cricket format in future

IPL 2018: England cricketer Jos Buttler says T20 cricket will be the only format in future
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Stand-in captain of the England T20 cricket team, Jos Buttler, has made an unprecedented statement, which has forced the cricket pundits from across the world to frown their eyebrows. The 27-year-old said that due to the rising emergence of the T20 cricket format, and the Indian Premier League (IPL 2018), of which Buttler is a participant, the older Test and ODI formats were facing a risk of getting lost into obscurity.

Test cricket is main, but T20 fills stadiums quickly

As reported by ESPN Cricinfo, Jos Buttler, England’s T20 cricket poster boy, said that there would soon be a time when the only cricket format being played would be T20 cricket. He said,

“I feel cricket could become a one-format game in the future – whether that’s soon or in 15 to 20 years.”

“Test cricket is still, for me, the pinnacle of cricket but T20 fills out stadiums and is easy to keep up with and follow. Everyone wants things faster these days and things evolve so maybe Twenty20 could have a monopoly on cricket.”

To imagine that T20 cricket would one day become the only format of the sport, is a long-time coming for some cricket pundits, while for some, it is a terrifying thought. Jos Buttler said that it would a tragedy if Test cricket, “a complete test of everything”, disappeared from the fore of the sport, but said that it could be an inevitable development, given how quickly T20 cricket is being adapted all over the world.

Jos Buttler bagged a INR 4.4 crore deal in IPL 2018

Following the same logic of the exciting appeal of T20 cricket, Jos Buttler, got signed in the 11th season of the Indian Premier League (IPL 2018) by Rajasthan Royals for a whopping INR 4.4 crore fee. Interestingly, Jos Buttler’s statement about T20 cricket taking the front stage over Test and ODI format, is reflected in the fact that the England cricketer’s IPL 2018 fees is way higher than the money he receives playing cricket for England.

T20 cricket grips New Zealand too

New Zealand Cricket chief executive David White said in August last year, that as opposed to olden times, where Test cricket had the most prominence, followed by ODI format and then T20, now the whole process had reversed. The international cricket broadcasters told David White that Test cricket’s value was diminishing among the audiences. David informed,

“The challenge is, international broadcasters are telling us that the value of test cricket is diminishing. When I started in this job five years ago, if you gave a test match a three, an ODI a two and had T20 a distant third; it’s almost reversed now.”

“If you look at the broadcast values of ICC events, World Cup and World T20, they’re growing exponentially and IPL and T20 leagues the values are growing significantly.

Test cricket’s value diminishing among audiences

New Zealand cricket chief David White said that Test cricket will have to be presented to the masses by giving them a proper context, as at the end of the day, it’s the audiences who fund the game. He said,

“What we’re finding is test match cricket is flat at best and diminishing. The key to its future is providing it with context so people can follow it and it’s meaningful from a consumer’s point of view. We’ve always got to look at it from a fan’s viewpoint because they’re ultimately the people who fund it.”

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