Wasim Akram: India & Pakistan cricket rivalry is greater than the Ashes

Wasim Akram: India & Pakistan cricket rivalry is greater than the Ashes
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Cricket is team sport, and an unpredictable one. And it can really get your blood flowing and your heart thumping, if it is being played between two rival teams or nations. This is what the definition of cricket between India and Pakistan is. And ex-Pakistan cricketer and legend, Wasim Akram, believes that even one of the fiercest cricket rivalries, the Ashes, which is played between England & Australia, is nothing when compared with India & Pakistan’s cricket rivalry.

Wasim Akram was speaking in an interview with India Today, when he talked about the chances of the revival of India & Pakistan’s cricket relations, which have been stalled for a while now, owing to the disturbed political nature of relations between the two neighbouring nations.

India & Pakistan cricket rivalry is unbelievable

When asked if there was any possibility for one of the greatest cricket rivalries – India v Pakistan – to revive, Wasim Akram said,

“I hope so, I hope so. Indo-Pak cricket is something different, it’s something unbelievable. One series can get you a couple of players, than can play for you for 15 years. There is so much pressure, the celebrations and preparations start taking place months before the matches or series happening.”

Akram feels lucky to have played against India

Wasim Akram said that the India-Pakistan cricket can give birth to solid team players and future stars in just one clash. The 51-year-old said that he was lucky to have played cricket against India, as it was the biggest highlight of his cricket career. He said,

“I mean, I was lucky that I played three series against India – two in India, one in Pakistan. So, you know I remember it like it was yesterday. It was the highlight of my career to play against India, either in Pakistan or in India. Unbelievable, I can’t explain it (India & Pakistan cricket rivalry) to you in words.”

Wasim Akram added that the beauty of India-Pakistan cricket rivalry was unparalleled. He said,

“Beauty of Indo-Pak cricket is something that you can’t compare with any other cricket in the world.”

India-Pakistan cricket rivalry and the Ashes

Speaking about the Ashes cricket, which is one of the oldest forms of cricket rivalry, played between England and Australia since time immemorial, Wasim Akram said that it stood nowhere close to the events which included India and Pakistan going face to face.

The former bowler who was regarded as one of the greatest of all time, said that the World Cup of 2015, that was played between India and Pakistan in Adelaide, Australia in 2015, had hooked a billion people to their TV screens. He said,

“I am all for Ashes, but when we talk about Ashes, how many people can watch the Ashes? 5, 10 million? Okay, 20 million. The game that India & Pakistan played in the World Cup in Australia, in Adelaide (in 2015) – Billion people watched that game.”

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