Shane Warne Slams Malicious Stories About Son Jackson’s Gambling

Shane Warne
Image credit - Daily Telegraph

Shane Warne who retired from international cricket in 2007 has always been controversies favourite child. Whether it was his antics on the field or off it, the leg-spinner has always maintained a place in the eye of the public world. The entertainment media houses have always taken a keen interest in the love-life of the 48-year-old.

However, this time Warne seems to have had enough as reports emerged this week that his ex-wife Simone was tearing her hair out over their 18-year-old son Jackson’s interest in gambling.

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Shane Warne reacted strongly to the story and condemned the tabloid as ‘disgrace’ and called for proper action to be taken against those who print such false stories.

In a series of tweets that Warne posted this week, he said, “Please get your facts straight ! I’ve only ever done one exclusive interview in 25 years & that was with Hello magazine & my ex-fiance @ElizabethHurley — yes it was syndicated too!”

In the 2nd tweet, Shane Warne wrote, “People can say what they like about me. But when these media outlets continue to make up lies & malicious stories about my children with no substance & harass them on a daily basis plus has an emotional affect to us plus other people & their families it’s time to make a stand !!”

Shane Warne played over 15 years of international cricket and finished with over 1000 international wickets – 708 test wickets and 293 ODI wickets.


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