IPL 2018: Rajasthan Royals slam BCCI for unfair auction and retention process

Manoj Badale, Co-owner of Rajasthan Royals
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With just a couple days remaining before the Indian Premier League player auction takes place, Rajasthan Royals (RR), who returned after a two-year spot-fixing ban along with Chennai Super Kings (CSK), have hit out at the IPL authorities and BCCI for issues pertaining to Player Auction and Retention process. The co-owner of RR, Manoj Badale, complained about a couple of issues that were unfair according to the team.

Co-owner of Rajasthan Royals, Manoj Badale, has reportedly written an email to the BCCI and IPL managers, complaining about the issues that were problematic according to him. A report in Mumbai Mirror quoted Badale’s email,

“Historically, all the capped players have been auctioned first, followed by the uncapped players. This year, however, the first round of capped lots for every position is being followed by the first round of uncapped lots… then the second round of capped lots is followed by second round of uncapped lots and so on.”

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While there are not much details available about the issues, Deccan Chronicle has reported that Manoj Badale’s major concern is regarding the placement of Washington Sundar, who recently made his debut with Team India, in the list of cricketer who are up for the IPL 2018 player auction.

The Tamil Nadu cricketer Washington Sundar, who is expected to be a sought-after signing during the auction, is placed at the 139th spot in the list of cricketers available for auction. The low placement of the leg-spinner in the list is problematic as by the time Washington Sundar’s number comes, many of the franchises would have spent majority of their share of money on other cricketers who are placed early in the list.

An official of an IPL franchise was quoted as saying, “The positioning is very flawed.”

Manoj Badale, who was clearly not happy about the retention and auction process, asked the authorities why such a method was being followed. Manoj Badale said,

“Firstly if you could explain why the retention pricing methodology changed, so that when retaining two players, you pay less for those two than a team retaining three pays for the first two.”

The IPL franchises who retained three players during the retention process earlier this month, had to spend Rs. 33 crores — Rs. 15 crore for player 1, Rs. 11 crore for player 2, and Rs. 7 crore for player 3. An exception to this case was Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB), who spent Rs. 17 crores on their first-choice retention Virat Kohli, owing to the Indian skipper’s higher league fee.

The teams that retained two cricketers had to pay Rs. 12.5 crore and Rs. 8.5 crore for player 1 and 2 respectively. And the teams who retained just one player – Rajasthan Royals (Steve Smith) and Kings XI Punjab (Axar Patel) – had to pay Rs. 12.5 crores for the single retention. Manoj Badale was concerned about the relatively higher price that the IPL franchises, who had retained just a single player, had to shell out. He wrote in the email,

“Then could you explain why, once this decided, there is no reduction for the team only retaining one player?”

The Player Auction for the 11th season of the Indian Premier League (IPL 2018) will take place on 27 and 28 January in Bengaluru. There are 578 players who are up for grabs at the auction, and will be contested for the remaining 182 slots that are to be filled before the IPL action kicks off.


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