IPL 2018: Teams in disagreement with BCCI and Star Sports

IPL 2018
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With the 11th edition of the Indian Premier League set to kick off soon, the IPL teams have come together to state to the IPL authorities that they were not in favour of the changes made to the time schedule. The move came a day after IPL chairman, Rajeev Shukla, informed that the matches in T20 tournament are likely see a shift in the timings.

Rajeev Shukla had stated earlier that the IPL Governing Council had agreed to the tournament broadcasters, Star Sports’ request, to take the timings of 4 PM and 8 PM matches to 5.30 PM and 7 PM respectively, for the IPL 2018 season.

As reported by the Deccan Chronicle, Shukla said after the IPL Governing Council meeting got over in New Delhi on Monday (22 January),

“The broadcaster has requested for change in timings. By and large the GC has accepted it. It gets too late in the night if the game starts at 8pm.”

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However, the IPL franchises are reportedly not in agreement with the proposed changes in match timings. The main reason behind the franchises’ disapproval was that despite of them being the major stakeholders in IPL, they were not involved in the meetings and deliberations. A close source to the IPL authorities was quoted by Times of India as saying,

“The franchises are not in agreement with this proposal and will take it up with the IPL. They are in fact quite not very happy that something as important as this hasn’t even discussed with them.”

One of the IPL Governing Council’s official said that the broadcasters, Star, are keen to reschedule the timings of the matches as it will help them to attract maximum viewership and audience, which will in turn boost their ratings. The official said,

“Star Sports is of the view that the matches need to start early to ensure that the people in the interiors watch the action too. It will improve the ratings.”

Meanwhile, Rajeev Shukla informed the media that the proposed changes had not reached a conclusive stage and were yet to be decided on. He concluded,

“The IPL Governing Council considered the request of the broadcaster to have a 7pm match. The final decision will be taken after the taking the views of the other stakeholders.”


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