When Kevin Pietersen dismissed Michael Clarke with an offspin

Pietersen revisits bowling in Ashes
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Ashes cricket has been one of the most classic forms of oldschool cricket rivalry. When England and Australia step on a ground to face each other, it has always been historic. Former England captain and legend, Kevin Pietersen, spoke about the time when his off-spin bowling baffled and dismissed former Australia cricketer Michael Clarke during Ashes 2013.

Pietersen spoke about the moment as one of the cherished bowling instances and said that the delivery was an ‘absolute pie’. In an interview with Cricket Network, Kevin Pietersen said that as he was an off-spinner, he never enjoyed bowling. He said that he was well aware that off-spinners were hit for huge boundaries in ‘big boys cricket’. He said,

“I didn’t enjoy my bowling. I didn’t bowl enough. I was an off spinner but I ended up not bowling off spin. I think in big boys cricket I saw people hit off-spins that far. And I wanted to be the hitter, I didn’t wanna be hit.”

Pietersen then spoke about the delivery that dismissed Australia batsman Michael Clarke. The England cricketer had delivered a sweet off-spin to Clarke and listen to how he describes it.

“So, I gave that a bit of a wide berth. I mean I didn’t enjoy bowling but I got pappier.” 

Kevin Pietersen bowled an off-spin which landed outside Michael Clarke’s off stump. The bowl worked perfectly after hitting the pitch as it bounced high, spinning greatly right into Clarke’s midriff area.

Clarke couldn’t figure out where the ball went as Pietersen’s delivery had baffled him. He tried to play the ball but he didn’t have to. The ball spun and hit Clarke’s bat as if it had it’s own mind. Puzzled Clarke looked to his left to see the ball take a nice little flight to end up in the fielder’s hand.

As the England players burst out in celebration, the on-field umpire didn’t adjudge it as out in the first go. The England players decided for a review. On watching the action on replay screens again, it was clear that Clarke was out.

As Clarke looked to the ground and started to walk back to the pavilion in slight denial, Pietersen turned to him and celebrated as if it was the veteran’s first wicket ever. But that is how cricket between England and Australia generally is. Heated up and ready to explode.

Kevin Pietersen described the ball which dismissed Clarke and said,

“Pie, it was an absolute pie. Dip, fizzed, spun, bounced, over-spin, side-spin.”

Talking about Clarke, KP said, “He did everything. Out.”

Later, Pietersen spoke about how great a feeling it was for him to revisit that triumphant moment. He said,

“That’s quite fun to be sitting in the channel’s commentary box, and talking about that dismissal. And when Clarke says that ‘Pietersen is getting a bit cocky and ahead of himself’, I say, ‘Mate, you got out to an absolute pie’.”

You can watch the interview here.

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