Virat Kohli’s raw emotions on the pitch make him a great asset for his team and quite a spectacle for the viewers all over the world. He bats and captains with a degree of aggression which has seen Team India become the world beaters in all the formats. However, did Kohli let his emotions get the better of him when he used a DRS review against Faf du Plessis?

The incident occurred in the 62nd over of Day 3’s play where India were finding it hard to get rid of Du Plessis and Jasprit Bumrah was given the task to remove the South African skipper. Bumrah bowled a yorker which was evidently going down the leg side but there was another aspect Kohli failed to realize.

Du Plessis had almost middled the ball in his attempt to see out that yorker. The third umpire wasted a little time in giving his decision as there was a massive contact between the ball and Du Plessis’ bat.

Kohli’s decision was rightly criticized as former players and commentary panelists claimed that Kohli’s emotion which often plays to be his strong suit ended up being the reason for his faulty decision making.

But when you come to think of it there have been many unusual DRS calls taken in the past with Kohli involved on the opposite side with Bangladesh taking a DRS review for an LBW call when Kohli had middled the ball and there was no sign of ball hitting the pads.

Following the DRS controversy, India have another tricky situation on their hands as they have to chase over 250 runs on Day 5 at Centurion’s SuperSports park. Kohli failed to deliver in the 2nd innings of the test match after getting out for 5 runs.

Kohli took a review for that decision as well and again it looked a no-brainer as the ball had kept low, and hit him bang in front of the middle stump. The review showed exactly that and Kohli left the ground taking his 2nd laughable DRS review. Yes, he is India’s best batsman but wasting a review on him is not fair on the batsmen walking after him when the result was as clear as Kohli’s LBW appeal was.

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