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Arjun Tendulkar
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The name Tendulkar is never far away from the spotlight in the Indian Cricket. For years, it was Sachin Tendulkar who grabbed all the media attention now it’s time for his son Arjun Tendulkar and his bowling skills to dominate the headlines. Arjun has grown up to be a fast bowler and is inspired by Wasim Akram.

Arjun is currently playing in the Spirit of Cricket Global Challenge where he pulled off a stunning display of 4 wkts and 27-ball innings of 48 to guide his team to victory. However, it is Arjun’s bowling which has got all the attention.

Speaking with BBC, the 18-year-old claimed that it was Wasim Akram in his early days which inspired him to be a fast bowler. The modern greats Zaheer Khan, Mitchell Starc and Mitchell Johnson are his favorites.

Arjun also shared his experience when he got vital bowling tips from the Sultan of Swing – Wasim Akram. The former Pakistani skipper taught Arjun the art of swinging and the best technique to hold the ball which Arjun is very grateful for.

He said: “Zaheer Khan, (Mitchell) Johnson, (Mitchell) Starc and Wasim Akram. At the moment it is Johnson and Starc. Very privileged to get advice from all of them. Wasim Akram basically told me how to grip the ball and swing the ball. And he taught me how to shine it.”

“Whenever you put spit on the ball you have to throw it around. When the spit dries rub it (ball) on the pant. The main thing is keep it away from the sweatiest guy in the team.”

Junior Tendulkar is making rapid rise during his time in Australia and it seems possible for him to take a giant step in the Indian domestic cricket which would push him closer to the Indian national setup or even the Indian Premier League.

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