Rahul Dravid is now a Comic Book Superhero

Image courtesy - Sportwalk@Twitter

Rahul Dravid’s greatness is such, that a fan community has gone to immeasurable heights to idolize the cricketing genius. Sportwalk, which is a Chennai-based sports company, has given birth to a comic book titled, ‘The Wall’, which which highlights the 15 best cricketing moments from Rahul Dravid’s illustrious career.

Rahul Dravid’s cricketing expertise had been the cornerstone of the classic Team India squad. The cricketing legend and former captain of the Indian team is also the head coach of the India Under-19 squad.

In an interview with WION News, the the team which created the comic book, informed that they were inspired by Rahul Dravid’s humility and the way the ex-cricketer had become the winner of hearts by his conduct both on and off the field. The head of the digital team at Sportwalk, Abhranil Roy, said in the interview,

“It was a humble tribute that we wanted to pay to the great man that is Rahul Dravid. He is a cricketing idol for all of us. Like if you like sports, you have to love Rahul Dravid. He is an embodiment of the perfect gentleman and he is a great role model for every youngster.”

The team revealed that the inspiration for them to pursue such a project on Dravid had come after meeting the cricketer’s fan-clubs based in South India. On the conception and proposal of the idea to create a comic-book on Rahul Dravid was welcomed with open hands, which motivated the team to further the cause.

And finally, the comic book – ‘The Wall’, was launched on Rahul Dravid’s birthday, 11 January. Sportwalk’s co-founder, Divakar KS, said,

“The response has been really good so far. We were specific on launching this comic book on his birthday that is January 11. When we posted the cover picture of this comic book earlier, people were positive about the entire idea and this was encouraging.”

The writer of the comic book, Himanshu, conceded that there were many cricketing moments that belonged to Dravid and it had taken extensive research to shortlist the 15 best instances out of the whole inventory. He said,

“This is the first time I’ve attempted this. It is an uncharted territory for me, it was a challenge but as we’re talking about somebody as big as Rahul Dravid. It helped that we had certain guidelines as we had to capture 15 moments from his career. The initial challenge was to identify those moments, things that his fans could relate to. I hope the comic book takes Rahul Dravid fans to a trip down the memory lane.”

To check the out the newly-released comic book, visit the official Sportwalk site.


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