Manchester United star Romelu Lukaku left Everton because of Black Magic

Image credit - MUFC @ Twitter

Everton’s part owner Farhad Moshiri has opened up about Romelu Lukaku’s exit from the club last summer because of a “voodoo” which safe to say it is nothing short of a bizarre story. According to Moshiri, Romelu Lukaku turned down Everton’s new contract offer owing to a “voodoo” prophecy (commonly known as Black Magic which is practiced in the Caribbean and the southern US).

Moshiri claims that Everton were ready to offer Lukaku more money than Chelsea who at the time seemed favorites to sign the Belgian striker after Lukaku’s mother had advised him to do so.

Romelu Lukaku was ‘instructed’ to join Chelsea

During a contract negotiation session Romelu Lukaku got up and asked the permission to call his mother who at the time was at a pilgrimage in Africa and she claimed to have seen a voodoo which claimed that Lukaku was certain to join Chelsea.

Commenting further on the controversial matter, Morishi said,

“During the meeting [with Lukaku over a new contract] he said he had to call his mother, who was on a pilgrimage in Africa, and he had seen a voodoo who said he had to go to Chelsea.”

“If I told you what we offered him, you would not believe it. We offered him more than Chelsea offered. I didn’t spend as much time trying to keep Barkley as I did Lukaku.”

“You can’t allow a player who won’t sign a new contract to run more than two years into it without selling him.”

Lukaku, however, ended up signing for Manchester United in a £90 million deal and since has gone on to score 10 goals in 21 games for his new club. Despite his goal-scoring forum, Lukaku has faced severe criticisms from fans and pundits alike for his lack of involvement in the big matches.

Lukaku and the Manchester United side are currently in Dubai for a change in weather and training regimes and are expected to be back by Thursday before their weekend clash against Stoke City.


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