St. Moritz – Switzerland’s winter wonderland adds a fun twist to Cricket

St. Moritz Ice Cricket 2018: 5 Facts Virender Sehwag Shahid Afridi
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St. Moritz, a small town in Switzerland that garnered a lot of fame due to its mineral springs, which were discovered 3000 years ago, now has a path-breaking unique delight to offer – Cricket on Ice. Yes, you heard that right. Cricket on ice.

Set in the lap of the picturesque Engadin Valley in St. Moritz, Cricket on Ice is a yearly tournament that attracts business executives and tourists from all over the world.

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St. Moritz is a picturesque location in Switzerland

The beautiful resort town has always been sought after for the beauty of its ski slopes, the Adrenaline rush of the Cresta Run and a number of winter attractions such as Ski marathon, Cresta Run, White Turf Horse Races, etc.

But in terms of sheer quirkiness, few sport events can beat this cricket festival, which takes place in the peak of winter, on a frozen lake. The dazzling aquamarine lake, shimmers like a jewel, enveloped by the lush forest and towering Alps.

Cricket on Ice was invented in 1988

Incepted in 1988, St. Moritz Cricket on Ice was the brainchild of a few British enthusiasts who challenged the students of a boarding school to a match. Ever since, the cricket festival has been attracting international players and participants from all over the world.

The game obviously has a few fresh twists though. Players ditch the white suit for warm track suits and the ball is made of hard rubber, as the traditional leather one would become wet and difficult to handle on snow. Furthermore, an artificial grass pitch is rolled out on an oval-shaped cricket ground.

In its 31st edition now, the game is played as per the global T20 rules – 20 overs per innings, bowlers limited to bowling 4 overs in match.

The climate and the setting offer a unique set of challenge and hence, demand a considerable amount of skill and ability from the players.

The game played, although, is a competitive one, on an amateur level and seeks to heighten the spirit of friendship between the teams. Most importantly, it aims to allow the participants to enjoy the pure alpine beauty.


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